HMO Pricing

Pay for only what you need !!!

£79 (monthly) (mandatory) standing charge to manage entire property
£40 (monthly) (optional) Home SOS Breakdown Cover (parts & labour) (not upgrades or historical faults)
£69 (monthly) (per room) (only charge occupied rooms) Rent Guarantee and Eviction cover included
£30 (one off payment) each reference per tenant at start of tenancy
£49 (one of payment) Inventory per room at start of tenancy

Example of 4 bed occupied HMO (monthly charge)

Rent Guarantee and Eviction Cover
Home SOS Breakdown Cover

Entire Property Management£79
4 x £69 occupied rooms (with Rent Guarantee and Eviction Cover)£276
Home SOS breakdown cover (optional)£40
Monthly Total£395