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As qualified professionals, all our clients are re-assured of our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail and reliability of service.

For Landlord Clients

Choice Of Service Options Explained

Ask us to let and manage your property and we’ll ask you to choose your price package – FAIR? And because we have experience as landlords too, we understand the rental market and therefore the subtle elements that sometimes gets neglected. Every landlord client is treated as an individual whose asset investment must be protected.

As a PM4U client you can be confident of our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail and reliability of service. In other words, we are passionate about our business.

So, if your preference is for our Tenant Find and vetting only service or full property management service, we have you covered. If you are an overseas landlord, it makes sense to unburden yourself with day-to-day management issues, especially with the ever-changing regulations affecting overseas landlords. We are here to look after your interest. Talk to us.

Our clients expect nothing short of professional competence.

This is where we find, arrange viewings, select, vet and draw up contractual documents on behalf of the landlord, who wishes to take up the reins of day-to-day management of their property themselves. Our duty ends as soon as contracts are signed by the moving in tenant, keys are signed for and funds are transferred into landlords' account.

This is where the landlord does not want the stress of day-to-day management or dealing with tenants. They would instruct us to find, assess eligibility as well as take charge for overseeing the day-to-day management issues with their property. This process will involve the following:


  • Agent switch from current Agent to PM4U
  • Arrange rental payment to the elected Landlord Client’s Bank Account.
  • Monthly rental payment statements to Landlord
  • Access to your Online Property Portal
  • Yearly Property Inspections to ascertain condition of property (more if required)
  • Repair Management and repairs with Landlord’s consent where necessary
  • Compliance checker to ensure property meets all legal requirements.
  • Serve Required Notices Where Applicable


  • All Property Management services in Silver Package.
  • Free Tenant Find Service (worth £499)
  • Free Rental Market Appraisal and Lettings Advice
  • Advertise on many Online Advertising Property Portals
  • Accompanied Viewings to your property.
  • All Suitable Prospects Will Have to Pass Our Affordability and Identity Checks
  • Prepare Household Inventory (*applicable fee payable on instruction)
  • Obtain Applicable Safety Checks (*applicable fee payable on instruction)
  • Prepare Appropriate Tenancy Agreement
  • Hand Over Keys to Tenant & Retain Management Keys
  • Notify Relevant Utility Providers of Change of Occupancy


  • All Tenant Find and Property Management services in Silver and Gold Packages.
  • Rent Guarantee & Eviction Cover

This is where the landlord instructs us to arrange rent collection service from the tenant and remit payment to elected rental account less agreed processing fee.

Send Monthly Rental Payment Statements to Landlord’s Address

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